Lore Ameel

Architecture Illustrations

that clarify and convince
for presentations or competitions

Why illustrate architecture?
some examples...
In a digital illustration the focus of the viewer is instantly drawn to the keypoints of the design:

+  the intentions of the architect are clear
+  the focus is on the spatial quality
+  highlights specific elements or materials
+  leaves out controversial or trivial details

This drawing style is reminiscent of coloring books, bringing the design to life. The illustration opens up a visual dialogue between designer and client.

A linocut turns the building into a work of art:
+  emphasizes the landmark character of a building 
+  brings out the iconographic effects of the design
+  reminds of the first sketches of the design
+  shows off your artistic style

The result is a radical and powerful rendition of the project. Preserving only the essential shapes, the print depicts a solid, timeless design.

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