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Born in 1986 into a large family in Leuven, Belgium. I studied architecture both in my home town and in France, before moving to Brussels for urbanism studies and for the start of my architectural career. Although grey and rough at first sight, I enjoyed the cultural diversity and vibrant underground scene in the Belgian capital. The focus in my work has been on spatial quality,ecological materials and narratives in projects. Since 2015 I have been living in Berlin, a city that fascinates me because of its density of history, experiences and scenarios. Besides my job as an architect, I have focused these past few yearson my art skills and on the human scale in and around the architecture field.

why architecture illustration?

Drawings are a powerful and universal tool for communication. They convey the joy of designing and convince by bringing out the best of a design.

In my experience as an architect, I have noticed on numerous occasions how clients react totally differently to a presentation of drawings or digital collages than to renderings. They engage with more excitement in discussions and understand the creative concept more easily.
Hyperrealistic renderings on the other hand tend to distract the viewer with irrelevant details.

why me?

Thanks to my experience as an architect, I have a solid understanding of what architects and investors need. And as a skilled illustrator, I can respond to those needs with high quality and artistic drawings. 

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Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles