1 - Architecture illustration

Do you want to win a competition with convincing illustrations?  
Do you need sketches, conceptual schemes, diagrams or visualizations to communicate your design to customers?
Are you looking for a strong communication tool for your design presentation?

2 - Competition layout

The design and texts are (almost) ready, but you’re lacking the time or competences for the layouts of your competition documents?
You need a uniform template for competitions and presentations? 
Do you want a presentation panel, that clearly communicates your ideas

I put your floor plans, drawings and texts together in a stylish and clear layout, from A4 to A0. 

3 - Representative artistique image

Are you looking for a powerful depiction of your favourite project for your website or business cards? 

Do you want to spice up your christmas cards or jubilee invitations with an artistic image?
A painting of a completed building, a special logo or an original business gift?

4 - Live Graphic Recording

Do you need a graphic report of your (online) design meeting with multiple parties? 
Do you want to improve the communication in a participation process using comprehensible drawings? 
Is your presentation lacking illustrations? 

I draw what is being discussed and agreed on, in real time, both online and on location.
The result is a clear and comprehensible document with illustrations and text.
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5 - Develop a house style

Are you looking for a characteristic, recognisable house style?
Do you want your logo, website and presentation documents to tell the same story? 

Together we look for a graphic style, that suits your office.
With templates, color cards and typography I create your communication tools. 

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